About Us

Elisa Maylone is a former Non-Profit Director and HR Specialist turned Blogger, Stay at Home Mom, and CEO of her very own skin care business.  Elisa has an Associates degree in Business Management and Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology from University of Phoenix.  Her true passion is connecting with people, helping others by identifying their goals, and creating a plan to successful meet them.  In addition to her work she enjoys spending time and traveling with her husband Patrick and their two daughters; Adriana and Giuliana.  They have a Boxer, Apollo and a kitty, Boomer who bring a lot of extra love an laughter to their family.

Jennifer Nelson is a Blogger, Stay at Home Mom, and works part-time in the food service industry.  She has an Associates Degree in Business Management and a Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Phoenix.  If you’re wondering, YES; Elisa and Jenn did go to college together.  Jenn loves all things paranormal and would have loved to study para-psychology as well in college.  Besides a little recreational ghost hunting, Jenn loves to help others with their health and fitness goals.  In addition to focusing her attention to her work, Jenn enjoys spending time with her husband Roger and their three children; Emily, Gabriella, and Carter, as well as her fur-babies Buster and Lexi.  Did we mention she is obsessed with Maltese puppies?

Elisa and Jenn met one day while working together.  It was friends at first sight.  A beautiful friendship turned into a sisterhood that has lasted more than 17 years.  They’ve made memories together, gone to college together, raised their families together, vacationed together, and now they’re moving onto their next adventure together as “2 Peas with a Blog”.