So this week I started a new journey in my career not only did I change industries, I went back to work full-time for the first time in over 2.5 years. I didn’t realize how exhausting it can be. I am really not use to this! I went from waking up at 7 am to 5:45 am and having to get ready by 7:15 am. It is really not something to be taken lightly, that is for sure! It is not like I haven’t done this before, I worked full-time for over 14 years and didn’t have a problem with it. Maybe it was because I was younger at the time? Or my kids were younger? Who knows!

Oh and speaking of kids, I was so worried about them this week, being home without me there. My oldest was in charge of getting the other two off the buses while we are not at home. When I was home, all they did was fight when they got home. I was pleasantly surprised the other day when I got home and found all three of them cleaning up their rooms. I had to leave the house to do an errand and came back to them STILL cleaning the house. I really thought that I was in an alternate universe! I was a proud Mom knowing that my worries were put aside to see them working together. I am so proud of how my children have been this week and hope they continue on that right path.

I am extremely grateful for this new opportunity and look forward to where my career takes me!

~ Jenn  OXOX



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