LIIFT4 – Restart AGAIN!

Hi! Yes it is me again!

Remember that last time when I started this program for the second time? Well it kinda flopped…….I am not going to sugar-coat it. I did the program for approximately a week, then stopped due to my monthly friend showing up and then having problems with my upper back. I have always been told that it is good to workout when your “monthly friend is in town”; however, this has the opposite effect for me which actually makes it worse for me. You may think that this is “just an excuse” to keep from working out, well if you had issues like me then you would understand. But whatever, I really don’t care! Just so you know…….I have spoken previously with my doctor about this issue and she told me that some people just cannot workout during this time and that it was okay to skip workouts because of this.  My other issue was my upper back pain. I woke up sleeping on my stomach and I normally do not sleep that way! Well I paid the price, because I was not able to lift my arms up over my head because of this and slowly went back to normal in a few days. So fast forward to this week………I am now home during the day and decided to start this program again as I have more time in the mornings to get it done. Well I did it……..Round 2 Week 1 is finally finished and I must say that I feel great! Bring on Week 2!

Peace, Love, & Fitness

~Jenn XOXO

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