B4 LIIFT4 by Beachbody (Week 1)

Beachbody is known for their at home workouts available on Beachbody on Demand. They are always coming out with the latest and greatest workouts by different Master Trainers. Last week I started a preview of the new workout program LIIFT4 by Joel Freeman. It is a 4 day workout program with 3 days of recovery workouts. The workout schedule is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday and the recovery days are Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. Believe me, you will need the recovery workout days (My inner thighs were really sore to the point that I could not bend over to pick anything up! Plus I have a hard time walking…HAHAHA).

The first week involves B4 LIIFT4, which are 4 workouts that last 20 minutes, which prepare you for week one of Build It.

Day 1: Chest/Back Circuit – 20 minutes

Day 2: Legs LIIFT 50/50 – 20 minutes

Day 3: LIIFT 4 Stretch (Recovery Day) – 9 minutes

Day 4: Shoulders/Arms LIIFT Intervals – 20 minutes

Day 5: Full Body HIIT – 20 minutes

Thank goodness for recovery days because I was hurting on the 3rd day and needed those days to give my body a rest. I am curious to see what this week brings as it is the real deal and last week was a preview stage! I am glad that I have a hot tub to soak in……..LOL

Stay tuned for this weeks review………..Lets just say my arms feel like jello and we will leave it at that!

-Jenn xoxo

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