Adventure 101

So let’s talk adventure and family. As one of our first posts on this topic I am finding myself rather amused.  Amused you say??? I will explain later, but let me first say that adventure, although the very definition of the word has one meaning, does not carry the same connotation to every individual.

For example, traveling to Tennessee for a week, without the kids, was a total adventure for both my husband and I.  Did someone say ROAD TRIP???.

IMG_0442   <—That’s us!!!

Just the two of us in a cabin in the mountains and all the sight seeing and touristy things you can think to do.  We’d not been away without kids for at least 6 years.  Fun, excitement, stay up late, sleep in, uninterrupted…..well you know where I’m going with this LOL….I mean come on the list is endless.  But how often do those types of adventures really get to happen?  Maybe once a year if you’re lucky?  So, where is the adventure otherwise?  No where to be found you say….Well I say you’re wrong!

Now this is where things get interesting.  Remember how I said I was amused?  (Queue in Joe Pesci from Casino “Do I amuse you” sorry I couldn’t help myself LOL).  Well the very definition of the word means “an exciting and unusual, typically hazardous, experience or activity”.  Well let me tell you, I’ve encountered some typically hazardous and sarcastically exciting instances just going to the grocery store and some without even leaving my front door.  For those of us who have children, you really know exactly what I’m talking about.  Everything from the age old riddle of how to get your kids to change the toilet paper roll when it’s empty (NO, one square of paper, does not constitute the roll as not needing to be changed) to surviving a trip to the grocery store, but let’s be real.  We all have a stories like this.  They may not happen everyday.  They may frustrate the living life out of us while it’s happening, but they’re also the same events that leave us shaking our heads and laughing at some point in the near future.  If you want to live on the edge a little, we can talk about morning commutes.  I bet at least one person is nodding in agreement or snorting with sarcasm.

At the end of the day, we can’t put a limit on what we call adventure.  Whether it’s big or small, close to home or far away, at some point or another we all need to take a break from the real world and stop to smell the roses.  Be that silly mom that turns grocery shopping into a scavenger hunt, or folding laundry a game to see who can fold the most items before the pile is gone.  Get creative and don’t let the everyday things become the ball and chain attached to your ankle.  Of course we could all use the remote cabin in the woods or the tiki hut a mile into the ocean from some beautiful island, but that doesn’t mean we should be without adventure when we’re not enjoying those things too.

So what adventure are you going to go on today?  I’d love to hear some of your stories in our comments below….

-Elisa xoxo




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