The Journey Begins…


Have you ever found yourself evaluating life?  Don’t worry, many people do.  I can recall one day sitting in my office thinking to myself that something was missing.  It was like the universe was screaming at me to make a change.  Are you nodding your head in some form of understanding yet?

This was Jenn and I not too long ago.  I was a Director for  a non-profit, Jenn was an Admin at an educational firm as well as a fitness coach, and although we both enjoyed what we were doing it still felt like something was missing.

After baby #2, and a not even remotely close to being mentally or emotionally ready, I returned to work like many women do.  Did I mention this was my dream job that I had worked at tirelessly for three years (while going to college and bringing our first child into the world) to achieve and spend another two years trying to build and grow my team and reputation?  I spent countless hours each week between working and commuting.  Don’t get me wrong, my job was rewarding in that I was able to be a part of strengthening a community.  Watching children grow and play, families come together and build healthier lifestyles as a unit, and creating a place for the elderly to belong, find a friend, or for many, to just find their purpose again.  It was nothing short of amazing, but at some point I realized the community I found myself really needing to strengthen was in my own home!  On the other hand, Jenn worked very hard to find a role in a specific company she really wanted to work for.  As she was finally offered a position she later would find herself frustrated as people around her that were much less qualified or lacking the effort to go above and beyond were being promoted, but really her efforts had gone unnoticed, all while being told she was a model employee.  That being said the stress and frustration started to pile on as she was now away from her children for countless hours each day, running home with just enough time to put a meal on the table, get homework done, and kids off to bed to do it all again tomorrow.  Not leaving any real quality time to be spend with her children or her husband.  To sum it up; we were both lacking work/family life balance!

It was time to really evaluate what was important to us and make some changes.  So that’s exactly what we did.  With more than 17 years of sisterhood and friendship under our belts we decided to ditch the rat race and collaborate our passions in a way that would allow us to focus on areas of life that we are passionate about all while giving us the freedom to expand our creative minds.  With a focus on family, overall health and wellness, and we can’t leave out a little adventure, we intend to take you on a journey through everyday experiences  and even some out of the box creative chaos.

So here it is, our journey begins….

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them~ Walt Disney